first thing first
your acceptance to this community is based on the assumption that you know and understand the general rules and common courtesies of roleplaying. there is no excuse for crossing the ic/ooc line, not asking another member's permission when it comes to things such as pregnancy and death, or being a general asshole ooc. we will not tolerate anyone who makes the other members of the community feel uncomfortable for any reason. if you find yourself in a situation that makes you feel that way, it's important that you let us know right away.
after you've read everything in setting and you're ready to piece together a character, you only need a few basics to apply. we wanted to give our members an opportunity to secure their roles but take their time fleshing out their characters before writing a biography. that said, all you need to apply is:

(1) in or out of character username (no underscores!)
(1) pb over 18 within 5 years of your character's age
(1) backdated in character contact post
(1) backdated info/contact post with the following:
online handle:
date of birth:
concept: (100 words or less)
writing preferences:
(3) scene or narrative examples

first month
your first 28 days at pacifica are going to be a little more structured than the rest. during your first month, you'll need to meet your monthly activity requirements by posting in one of the subcomms and expanding on the concept that you applied with by completing a biography. it's also important that you put yourself out there and develop organic connections.

you have three days to post in browser or interact
you have three weeks update with your biography

every character's biography is due within three weeks of acceptance and will count as your first update toward your monthly activity requirement. our activity drop-off post outlines the specific date that each character's biography due, just so there's no confusion. when your character's biography is complete, we ask that you post a link visible to the friend's page. we expect this biography to be more than a short blurb and it should include things such as their general history, detailed personality, interpersonal connections, basic skills, etc.
our aim is to provide a fun and active home for your characters. while we understand that most activity takes place in customs and private scenes, we believe that public interaction keeps a community thriving. our requirements are designed to drive fresh activity between new and existing members. your monthly activity requirements are:

making one interactive post in browser or interact
text post, social media post, open scene, etc. (dating apps don't count!)
making one character development update
playlist, moodboard, narrative, photoshop update, etc.
updating your friends list on a weekly basis
participating in each month's acitivty check

if you're planning to override someone, please let us know in the subject line of your application. you can't override a member if they've requested an extension or are currently on hiatus. if you have questions about whether or not you can override someone, contact us. members may be overriden or removed for the following reasons:

they post but never reply to their comments
their friends list is two or more weeks out of date
they don't comment on the monthly activity check